How To Start A Vegetable Garden – Do You Know ?


Having a garden of your own, is certainly quite dreamy.  And if this happens to be a lush, green, healthy vegetable garden of your own, it probably seems too big an idea to be put into action.  More daunting, than inviting?  Well, it need not really be so.  Once you have the space and the intention to set up your own green space, then knowing about how to start a vegetable garden need not be such a hard task. start a vegetable garden

Imagine a scenario, wherein most of the dishes cooked in your kitchen are made with fresh produce from your own garden.  How exhilarating will that be.  It sure is a fantastic feeling, to say, that the dish is made by you right from scratch, literally!  Right from planting the seeds, nurturing them, watch them grow into healthy vegetable bearing plants and using them to cook up some of your prized recipes, is most definitely a rewarding feeling.  Does this make you want to step out into your open space, and get to work?

Definitely, any kind of open space, be it a small yard or a fairly large balcony space or a decently sized area right outside your kitchen can be used to grow vegetables.  Yes, you heard right.  Setting up a workable vegetable garden, is indeed not such a mountainous task after all.

So, Do you want to know how to start a vegetable garden the right away? Read to start a vegetable garden

The Needs:

Well, now that you are sure you want to have a go at setting up your own green space, make sure you go over the list of what exactly you will need for this.  There are a few basics that are a must before you get to know how to start a vegetable garden in the right way!

  • Seeds: Getting hold of or buying seeds, is the most cost effective way to begin your endeavour.
  • Compost: Compost aids in giving your garden a head-start, as it very often, does away with the need for plant food or even fertilizers during the crop season.
  • Fairly Decent Soil:  This of course is a primary requirement, without soil that supports the growth of a plant, it is quite obvious that you will hit a road block.start a vegetable garden
  • Fertilizers and Mineral Nutrients: These will be required by your plants at regular intervals to enhance their growth.  But do keep in mind, that overuse of fertilizers can cause more harm than good to your plants.
  • A good understanding of what goes into keeping your plants healthy: This is another important aspect.  Without having the required knowledge base or someone to help you out with your new passion, you will stand to lose out.  Like for instance, some plants, may need additional fertilizers to thrive than others, how to remove the weeds from your garden before they begin to eat into all the nutrition required by your plants to grow into healthy ones; the amount of water required and when or how often your plants need to be watered.  Understanding these aspects are critical in you succeeding at growing vegetables.
  • vegetable gardenAn apt location or space: This again, is such an important factor. Having open space is one part, but having the right kind of open space is the other part.  What is meant by this, is that your garden space should be located strategically.  This space should receive the right amount of sunlight.  Also, some of the plants require bright sunlight while some others need just moderate sunlight in order to thrive.
  • Maintain a journal where you can record and keep tabs on the success or failure of various types of plants: This will help you keep track of how well any particular kind of fruits or vegetable grows in your environment.  Will definitely assist with picking the right kind of plants in the future.

So, why not you get started? This will also help you solve the most important question – how to start a vegetable garden!