Small Water Fountains – Your Very Own Natural Ecosystem

Water Fountains design

Water FountainsA well-designed water feature can make a world of a difference in your home. The options are truly limitless. The impact is incredible. Wooden forms and ceramic urns increase the artistic elements brought into the setting to captivate all the senses.

Create your very own ecosystem by building small water fountains.



An ecosystem is an environment in which different creatures cohabit. Having small water fountains in your backyard can bring together different animals and birds. This is your very own ecosystem that is natural and a part of your home.


  • A high-quality water feature increases the home value. The price of the property shoots through the roof when investment is made in such small water fountains.
  • The addition of an aesthetically appealing fountain attracts potential buyers making your property a good competition in the market.
  • They drown out the noise from the road. People use noise machines such as ocean waves and sounds of falling water. Having your very own fountain in your backyard provides you with natural noise machines. Sufficient white noise is created by small water fountains to enable you to enjoy an evening in the backyard.
  • The air quality also changes. The negative ions that are released by the flowing water are invisible in nature. They are odourless and tasteless. The negative ions boost the mood and are a big stress buster for the homeowners. Even the pets are positively affected by these small water fountains.
  • These fountains make the venue more cozy and comfortable. The guests relax immediately when they enter. The atmosphere is incredibly positive. The vibrations felt improve relationships too.
  • Fountains replenish the moisture and have a positive effect on the human body. The blood flow is improved and the blood pressure is normal.

Tips on decorating water fountains small water fountains

  • Surround it with the decorative It is very easy to dress up a fountain. Chose different materials to increase the style quotient. There is a variety of materials to choose from – gravel, river stones, and marbles. Crushed seashells form a natural bed around the fountain.
  • A border around the fountain can be created to prevent the base from spilling into the yard. Materials such as stones, concrete, and plastic may be used.
  • Make it as colourful as possible. A bright shade may be used to paint the fountain base or just the rim. Colour lights may be added for a wonderful show after sunset.
  • Plants may be added to bring in a little greenery to the water feature. Floating leaves and small flowers may be added to romanticize the fountain.
  • The water may be decorated with float ornaments. Japanese fishing nets have coloured glass which reflects the light. The subtle effect brought out by these ornaments liven up the atmosphere like never before.

Pick your design, shape, size and location. Create your very own ecosystem by building small water fountains. The world will seem different. Truly neighbour’s envy and owner’s pride. Enhance your landscape, add a water feature and make your home a vacation spot. A place with a fountain is the best place to relax, read a book or just take a nap. Life is good with a water fountain around.