Water Fountains design

Small Water Fountains – Your Very Own Natural Ecosystem

A well-designed water feature can make a world of a difference in your home. The options are truly limitless. The impact is incredible. Wooden forms and ceramic urns increase the artistic elements brought into the setting to captivate all the senses.

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Grass seed

Planting Grass Seed – Go Green At Home

Planting grass seed can be a very confusing topic. The awareness about it is not very high and there can be a lot of questions that can go unanswered. It is a very popular hobby that has picked up recently. What are grass seeds? Grass seeds are harvested from grass […]

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Stone fountain

Backyard Water Fountains – Decorate Your Backyard

Landscape architecture and garden designing include backyard water fountains to augment the charm and beauty of the entire area. There is an amazing sense of peace and tranquillity that is created when water bodies such as pools, streams, rivers and fountains are nearby. Such water features are added by homeowners […]

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ideas for backyard

Landscaping Ideas For Backyard – Affordable And Easy!

Your home is your haven; a place to chill, unwind and socialize with friends and family. The backyard is by far the most favorite and most used part of any house. It is here that kids play; you cook delicious meals on long summer evenings and celebrate parties. So, isn’t […]

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How To Start A Vegetable Garden – Do You Know ?

Having a garden of your own, is certainly quite dreamy.  And if this happens to be a lush, green, healthy vegetable garden of your own, it probably seems too big an idea to be put into action.  More daunting, than inviting?  Well, it need not really be so.  Once you […]

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make a garden

How To Make A Garden That Is Easy and Rewarding?

It sure is quite desirable to have a garden of your own.  Desirable it is, but surely intimidating too.  There is no denying this fact.   As dreamy as it may sound to have your own garden, it is as demanding a task to set up a beautiful one, maintain it […]

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healthy greens

How To Grow Vegetables The Way You Want Them To Be?

Growing your own vegetables, nothing can quite as satisfying.  Cultivating vegetables is as unique, as it is challenging and rewarding.  While growing vegetables are a definite value add to your garden area, it is also of immense economic value.  All this, while being sure that the vegetables you have cultivated […]

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garden ideas

Easy Garden Ideas For You This Summer!

Gardening can be more than just growing plants and making the place look lush and green. Gardening can be a fun hobby or even an effective therapy. Tending to those plants can calm your mind and relieve you of any stress. If you are looking for easy garden ideas, there […]

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backyard design

Beautiful Backyard Landscape Design Ideas For You!

The backyard of your house can so much more than just some empty space for you to hang your laundry in or for the kids to run around. There are plenty of backyard landscape design that can help you transform you backyard into something spectacular.

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backyard garden

Best Backyard Garden Ideas For Beautiful Garden

The portion of space behind your house within your compound is what makes your backyard. People spend a lot of time renovating two places at home – the kitchen and the backyard. These places mean a lot especially to women who spend most of their time here. Think about it. […]

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